State Legislative News

  • Delaware newest gun laws on the books include a ban on the largest capacity magazines; discontinuance of assault weapons sales; and strengthening the background check system.
  • Illinois is the 12th state to enact a ban on ghost guns with Governor Pritzker signature on May 20th. The new law prohibits the transfer, purchase, manufacture, importation, and possession of ghost guns; bans printing ghost guns with 3-D printers; and guns that are currently unserialized can become serialized and trackable. 
  • New York Governor Hochul signed 10 new gun laws in June. These laws include raise the age to 21 on semi-automatic rifles; tightening regulations on micro-stamping and the red-flag law.
  • Rhode Island narrowly passed 3 safety laws in June. Raise the firearm purchase age to 21; ban open carry of firearms; and ban high-capacity magazines over 10 rounds. 

New York and the country suffered a defeat by the U.S. Supreme Court on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. On a vote of 6-3, SCOTUS ruled against Bruen and dismantled New York's 100-year 'good cause' permitting law.


Lisa Price, a resident of the Chapel Hill community, died on June 23, 2022. She was a co-founder of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence.

From NCGV: It was Lisa who co-founded North Carolinians Against Gun Violence in 1993, after a jogger was shot and killed in Chapel Hill. Lisa was a fierce advocate for gun violence prevention, and remained active in NCGV until her passing.

We are grateful for Lisa's leadership, mentorship, strength, courage, and friendship. She will be deeply missed by all of us at NCGV.


Responsible Americans PSA 

In response to the prominent mass shootings in New York and Texas, the Gun Safety Alliance (GSA) produced a public service campaign on behalf of SUPGV. It was run by a talented team of over 40 creative and media partners. GSA secured $500k of donated media space for the campaign that achieved over 50 million impressions mostly in 10 target states. Read our full press statement here.


We are pleased to announce that the SUPGV Board has elected a permanent chairperson, Sonya Y. Coleman. She most recently served as the Board Treasurer; a strong gun safety advocate in Massachusetts for nearly 10 years; and currently an Organizer and Lobbyist for Stop Handgun Violence.

We thank Kate for serving as our 2nd interim chair. She will continue to volunteer on the Board and serve as interim Treasurer. 


One more thing...

SUPGV supports 32 state affiliates with education work, coalition building and policy change to reduce gun violence. We are the only GVP organization in service to the states. 

Thank you for joining our movement to stop gun violence! Your donation is tax-deductible.

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