#WearOrange for Gun Violence Awareness

Orange has been the color of gun violence awareness after Haydia Pendleton was tragically shot in 2013 when she was only 15 years old. Help us spread the message that gun violence is a health crisis that takes over 100 lives every day.


We grieve with the Uvalde community for the 19 children and 2 teachers murdered in their school. We choose to Honor with Action! Here are some ways to support  #WearOrange:

 SUPPORT our state affiliates! Check out their individual websites here and get involved locally. 

Texas Gunsense rallies at their state Capitol in response to the Uvalde school shooting. 

POST a pic on social media to help spread public awareness on the gun violence epidemic. Tag us on facebook, instagram and/or twitter @supgvnetwork, plus hashtag #WearOrange.

 DONATE $20 and receive a Zinnia pin to honor gun violence victims and survivors.

ATTEND an event near you:

  • Lobby with RICAGV on May 31st at 3:15pm in Providence, RI at the state house.
  • Rally with CAGV on June 2nd at 6pm in New Haven, CT on New Haven Green.
  • Join CeasefirePA on June 3rd at 6pm in Erie, PA at ECAT for a community conversation.
  • Join DECAGV on June 5th at 9am in Wilmington, DE for a community resource fair at Eastside Charter School.
  • Support GVPC on June 11th at 3:30pm in Sandy, UT for National Guns to Garden event at Community of Grace Church.

**JUNE is also Pride Month**

June 16, 2022 marks 6 years since the Pulse Nightclub shooting. We honor with action for the 49 people killed & 53 wounded at Pulse; and 100+ lives taken by gun violence every day.

Nebraskans Against Gun Violence

Nebraskans marched last year in their local Pride Parade and gave free condoms with their Stay Safe, Lock it Up message! 


SUPGV supports 32 state affiliates with education work, coalition building and policy change to reduce gun violence. We are the only GVP organization in service to the states. 

Thank you for joining our movement to stop gun violence! Your donation is tax-deductible.

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